VMWare Virtual Computing



May 2012

Just about everyone now has heard about cloud computing and VMWare has been creating cloud based products for quite some time now. They provide a range of applications for home users right up to corporate giants.

I work in the small to medium enterprise sector so the products I use on a daily basis are VMWare Desktop, VMWare Essentials and a number of remote access clients from various vendors.

Many of my clients are using Microsoft Servers for network management and user authentication and VMWare Essentials has given us a very stable platform to run this type of software. It has also reduced Total Cost of Ownership of these types of servers by reducing the number of supports hours required to administer them.

Upgrading servers and installing new server hardware has now become a very straight forward process with minimal downtime. We can image (copy a server installation) from one server and install the image onto a new server in only the time it takes to copy the server installation. We do not have to complete setup a new server and rejoin all the clients to the Windows domain.

We can also create virtual desktops on the same server that users can access directly from thier PC or any other computer connected to the internet, even ipads. users find it quite exciting and very useful being able to access thier Windows desktop via an iPad or other portable device or tablet.

VMWare Desktop is a Windows based application that I use daily on my main office workstation it allows me to run various other operating systems such as Windows Server and Linux based servers on my Windows 7 Ultimate workstation. This lets me develop client server installations and when they are complete I can transfer them to the onsite server hardware. It also allows me to develop websites in a live server environment right on my local workstation then move the wbsites once complete to a live server environment.

For more information on VMWare products please check out their website at www.vmware.com.au