iPhone and iPad Email Setup

These email configuration instructions apply to clients of Icon Information Systems other providers may require different configuration settings but you should be able to use these as a guide for most Internet Service providers. These instructions were written for an iPhone running iOS version 4.3.3 but they should not change too much between iPhone versions and can also be applied to iPad.

We will assume that you have not setup an email account on your iPhone and use john.smith@icon.net.au as the example email address.

Essential information you will need before starting is your SMTP server (for sending email) and your POP3 server for receiving email and your username and password. For John Smith we will use the following email credentials:

SMTP Server host name (Outgoing mail server) – m.icon.net.au
POP3 Server host name (Incoming mail server) – m.icon.net.au
Username – john.smith@icon.net.au
Password – pwd444

For clients of Icon Information Systems your POP3 and SMTP server will almost always be the same and will also be of the form “m.businessname.com.au” and your username will almost always be your full email address.

Step-by-Step Email Setup
From the iphone desktop tap the SETTINGS icon then scroll down and select the Mail, Contact, Calendars option.

Next select the Add Account… option then select the Other option.
Next select the Add Mail Account option.

Enter your Name, Email Address, Password and Description, we suggest you set the Description to your email address.

Click the blue NEXT button in the top right hand corner to proceed to the New Account settings dialog.

Tap the POP button at the top to set to set our protocol to POP3, it will turn blue.
Under incoming mail server enter your POP3 or incoming mail server, your username and your password. The Host Name of our incoming mail server in our example is m.icon.net.au

Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and enter the Host Name of your Outgoing Mail Server and your username and password again.

Next tap the SAVE button in the top right corner. The iPhone will now attempt to verify your email settings.

After a few seconds you may get a message asking you to continue without SSL answer YES.
The iPhone will continue to verify your account and if you have a lot of email waiting to be collect verification can take a few minutes.

Icon clients should also update their outgoing port setting as many carriers are blocking the standard outgoing port (25) and will try and force you to use their email server to send email so they can reduce spam coming from their network. To work around this and allow you to send your email through our mail server we have setup port 45 access. Port 45 is not used anything of great import these days so we will use it to send email. Note that you must do this change if you want to send email to other people on your Icon hosted domain or to other domains hosted by Icon.

From the account settings page select SMTP under the Outgoing Mail Server heading then select the Primary Server which should be something like m.businessname.com.au.

Next make sure your User Name and Password are entered and change the Server Port from 25 to 45

Your iPhone setup is complete!