Database Applications

We can provide completely customised and tailored online database applications and cloud based services for your business or organisation. We leverage cost effective technologies to bring highly interactive and user friendly working environments so you can manage your sales staff and customers quickly and effectively. Our holistic and efficiency based consulting methodologies ensure that you get a streamlined product that benefits your business, your staff and your customers.

We have created Sales Management Systems for building companies that manage the client lead from web until the job is complete including every step in between. We have also created Delivery Management Systems for motor vehicles for a number of large dealerships so they can track the status of vehicles prior to customer delivery. Sales and support stuff can locate a vehicle from any web enabled device including smart phones and tablet computers.

The first step we take with all our database applications is to ask the client to document with as much detail as possible what they hope to achieve with a web based database system. We will then consult with our staff to work out the best possible solution.

We are also quite comfortable working with any number of existing third-party applications that are available and we may even recommend one of those as the best solution for your business or enterprise.

We have been creating database applications for more than 10 years and our development staff has a combined industry experience of over 35 years. We also maintain a very low staff turnover rate so the staff you deal with this year to develop your application will likely be the same staff you will be dealing with in 4 years for support and upgrades.

We prefer to develop strong relationships and partnerships with all our clients and we do not simply sell you a solution and walk away, we value your business and want to work with you in the future to improve your business and through consulting with you improve our level of service to you.

Our team has extensive experience not just in software development but also in hardware management and systems engineering. We have an intimate understanding of the software systems that we use AND the underlying hardware required to run the software. These attributes and our intimate understanding of how to apply internet services to your business make us the best choice for all your online software development.

If you are looking for our Vehicle Management System for Pre-delivery departments of medium and large auto-dealers please visit this site Vehicle Management System


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